About Business Insight Tanzania Repository

The purpose of Business Insightz is to promote knowledge sharing among persons working in the area of improving the Business Enabling Environment in Tanzania. It is therefore important that a person can quickly find relevant documents in an intuitive manner.
The Business Insightz repository facilitates two ways of finding a document:

  • One is a free search, were by the user enters relevant search terms to his/her requirement. In this case, the software will first search through the titles, then through the abstracts and as a last resource through the document, if it’s a word or PDF document. (The system cannot search through the text in newspaper articles since these are pictures turned into a PDF.)
  • The second way is a guided search, this is where the user discovers content by “walking through” the repository guided by the document classification used. These can be found on the left sidebar of the interface, options include; Economic sector, subjects, keywords and institution name.