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The Digital Info-Base is designed to create on-line access to all information relating to economic growth and doing business in Tanzania. As the DIB has the ambition to cover all economic sectors, for obvious reasons the building of this collection will always be work-in-progress. We welcome you to join hands - your suggestions and comments will help us.

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Assay on Vegetable Production and Marketing in Zanzaibar Island, Tanzania 

Production of vegetables is a key factor in ensuring a continuous supply of raw materials for the development of agribusiness in horticulture. It is often argued that vegetable production in Zanzibar has reasonable advantages ...
Author: Mchenga, Selwa S S; Abubakar, Zakia M
Publishing Date: 2016-04
Publisher: International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research
Document type: Academic journal articles

From a traditional bush vine fruit to a financial rewarding crop 

This news article depicts different success stories in the passion fruit industry by Tanzania farmers. It details the strengths and shortcomings of the passion fruit value chain due to market gaps, lack of standards, and ...
Author: VECO East Africa
Publishing Date: 2016-09-02
Publisher: VECO East Africa
Document type: Reports

Constraints and opportunities of organic fruit production in Tanzania 

The study examines opportunities and constraints on organic fruit growers in Madeke, Kiwangwa and Mwanambaya villages located in Njombe, Bagamoyo and Mkuranga districts respectively.
Author: Ngereza, Andrew Jacob; Pawelzik, Elke
Publishing Date: 2016-04
Publisher: International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research
Document type: Academic journal articles

The fresh fruit and vegetable markets of East Africa: An assessment of Regional Value chains actors, activities and constraints in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda 

For this report, field surveys are conducted in 51 aggregation and wholesale distribution markets in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. Input is gathered from key downstream value chain players to support desk research and ...
Author: Chemonics International Inc.
Publishing Date: 2013-05-29
Publisher: Chemonics International Inc.
Document type: Reports

Assessment of agrochemical residues in wastewater from selected horticultural farms in Arusha, Tanzania 

The use of agrochemicals results to increased crop productivity and consequently offers farmers major economic returns. However, the use of agrochemicals and the adjacency of horticultural farms to streams and rivers have ...
Author: Lema, Emmy; Machunda, Revocatus; Njau, Karoli Nicholas
Publishing Date: 2015
Publisher: International Journal of Environmental Sciences
Document type: Academic journal articles

Taping Export Opportunities for Horticulture Products in Tanzania: Do we have Supporting Policies and Institutional Frameworks? 

This policy brief looks at the status and performance of exports of horticulture products and investigate on the determinants of horticulture exports in Tanzania in the perspective of policy and institutional frameworks. ...
Author: Mashindano, Oswald; Kazi, Vivian; Mashauri, Specioza; Baregu, Solomon
Publishing Date: 2013
Publisher: Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF)
Document type: Reports

Zanzibar Horticultural Linkage Project 

The report provides detailed information about horticulture value chain and linkage in different parts of Zanzibar.
Author: Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)
Publishing Date: 2015-06-03
Publisher: Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)
Document type: Reports

Cotton market development strategy for central Tanzani 

The cotton sector is a major source of employment and income in Tanzania employing about 500,000 rural households. Production is primarily by smallholder farmers owning between 0.5 to 10 acres (Average 1.5 acres) prevailed ...
Author: Busi, Mathias; Lyaro, Susan; Mato, William; Conrad, Heini
Publishing Date: 2008-11-21
Publisher: Rural livelihood development company
Document type: Reports

Investment opportunity in Tabora western Tanzania: Sunflower and groundnuts production 

This report provides an insight of Tabora region, it provides detailed information on agricultural investment opportunity available in the region
Author: Municipal Directors’ Office
Publishing Date: 2012-08-04
Publisher: Tabora Municipal council
Document type: Reports


This study examined the root causes of incessant market failure problem facing Tanzanian cashew nut industry. The overarching hypothesis was that the industry challenges are both structural and institutional. Competition ...
Author: Akyoo, Adam; Mpenda, Zena
Publishing Date: 2014
Publisher: Sokoine University of Agriculture
Document type: Discussion papers

Tanzania’s Cashew Value Chain: A diagnostic 

This report presents findings from a diagnostic of the status of development in the cashew value chain in Tanzania carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and UNIDO in March 2011. The diagnostics uses the UNIDO ...
Author: Masawe, Peter; Hartwich, Frank; Ikongwe, Margaret; Romani, Fredrick; Kabege, Juliet
Publishing Date: 2011-07-19
Publisher: African Agro-Industry and Agribusiness Development Initiative
Document type: Reports

Advocating for effective regulation of the Cashew Nut Industry in Tanzania 

In the cashew season 2011/12 a serious crisis developed in the marketing of cashew nuts from Tanzania. In this paper, a total of 101 people were interviewed for this study, more than 50 studies were assessed, 21 statistical ...
Author: Fitzpatrick, James
Publishing Date: 2012-12-01
Publisher: ANSAF
Document type: Reports

Policy and Taxes in the Tanzanian Cashew Industry 

A review of charges applied to the cashew industry and their effect as instruments of policy on international competitiveness and local development. This report was compiled on the basis of international research conducted ...
Author: Fynn, John
Publishing Date: 2004-10
Publisher: DAI Pesa
Document type: Reports

Performance of agricultural marketing cooperative societies in cashew nut production and marketing in Masasi district, Mtwara Region, Tanzania 

Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) are expected to play an important role in the cashew nut production and marketing in Tanzania. The study conducted at three AMCOSs at Masasi district, Mtwara region has ...
Author: Likwata, Musa Yusuph; Venkatakrishnan, V
Publishing Date: 2014-10
Publisher: International Journal of Research in Management & Technology
Document type: Academic journal articles

Policy imperatives for control of market exchange failure in the cashew nut industry in Tanzania 

This study examines the root causes of incessant market failure problem facing Tanzanian cashew nut industry. The overarching hypothesis are that the industry challenges are both structural and institutional. Competition ...
Author: Akyoo, Adam Meshack; Mpenda, Zena T.
Publishing Date: 2014-02
Publisher: European Scientific Journal
Document type: Academic journal articles

Aggregate acreage response of cashew nut and sesame to commodity price and non price factors in Southeastern Tanzania 

This study aimes at investigating the impact of price and non-price factors on cashew and sesame acreage in Nachingwea and Mtwara rural Districts. Growth rates analyses were also conducted through linearlized exponential ...
Author: Fabian, Devis
Publishing Date: 2013
Publisher: Sokoine University of Agriculture
Document type: Dissertation

Export markets for high value vegetables from Tanzania 

This study centers around the potential for Tanzania to export high-value and baby vegetables, including snow peas, sugar snap peas, French green beans, and a range of baby vegetables, including carrots, corn (maize), ...
Publishing Date: 2007-07
Document type: Reports

The political economy of the investment climate in Tanzania 

Drawing links between the management of economic rents and the climate for business and investment, this report shows that rent management in Tanzania remains largely decentralized and undisciplined, with deleterious ...
Author: Cooksey, Brian; Kelsall, Tim
Publishing Date: 2011-06
Publisher: Africa Power and Politics
Document type: Reports

Tigo Tanzania submits IPO prospectus to regulators, second after Vodacom 

The Tanzania Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has requested that all Telecommunications service providers list part of their company shares on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), for both domestic and ...
Author: Apantech
Publishing Date: 2016-12-16
Publisher: Apantech
Document type: Reports

Overview of the vegetable sector in Tanzania 

This report gives a brief overview of the vegetable sector in Tanzania and based on the information a commodity will be chosen as a pilot crop for developing a chain. The purpose is to support the development of a restricted ...
Author: De Putter, H; Van Koesveld, M J; De Visser, C L M
Publishing Date: 2007-02
Publisher: Afriveg
Document type: Reports

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